How The Left Is Dividing and Conquering Itself

Learn to come together, not tear apart 

3 April 2018

There’s nothing inherently wrong with identity politics. In its purest form, identity politics can be used to galvanise entire groups of disenchanted people, rallying them behind a single unifying factor. These factors can be based anything, from race to class, gender, sexuality, religion, and so on.

Identity politics is at its most effective when it’s used broadly. Martin Luther King’s message wasn’t only for black Americans to hear. No, he dreamed of a world where ‘little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.’

He dreamed of unity.

As long as you believed that black and white Americans should be treated equally, the civil rights message was yours to take on as a political identity.

When we focus on what makes us similar, we are more likely to succeed in progressing a common goal. But when we start to emphasise what makes us different, the goal becomes lost in an endless stew of labels and semantics.

This can be true for both sides of the political spectrum, but the left, in particular, seems far more capable of exhibiting this problem. The leftist obsession with separating people into minorities and groups is what lost them the 2016 US Election. Whether or not they intended to, the Hillary Clinton camp alienated the white working class.

That didn’t happen because she didn’t have a sound economic plan for them; it happened because she and other Democrats failed to respect them as they did other Americans.

If you were white and on the fence about voting for Trump, you were called a racist, xenophobe, and nationalist, in the ‘basket’ with other so-called ‘deplorables.’ Such pejoratives, when wrongly applied, only serve to make people double down on their beliefs.

The left’s continuing ‘with us or against us’ mentality is doing them no favours. Their belittlement of people is based on uncontrollable factors like race and gender. This kind of attitude will only lead to their supporters marching over to the other side.

According to exit polls, 52% of white women voted for Donald Trump. But instead of congratulating the other 43% who made the ‘right’ choice, or even trying to win over the women who voted Republican, leftists are intent on shrinking the former number and inflating the latter for Trump’s re-election.

When you march alongside other women holding a sign that says, ‘Don’t forget: White Women Voted for TRUMP,’ you’re not promoting a message of unity. You’re alienating women—you’re alienating voters.

This is singling people out based on the decisions their peers made. Why should you stay with a side that doesn’t respect your status as an individual? Who instead lumps you in with a group you didn’t choose to be in but were born into.

Guilt does not get people excited about politics or voting. It’s more likely to riddle voters with contempt than anything else.

Black women helped Democrats win the recent Alabama Senate Race. 98% of them cast their ballots for Doug Jones over Roy Moore. Ignoring the fact that Southern white men and women tend to vote conservative anyway, this, combined with the Trump win, is enough to make Democrats think they can no longer count on white women to vote the way they want them to.

When Democrats can no longer count on women, they’ll have to count on black women. When Democrats can no longer count on black women, they’ll have to count on poor black women. Soon, they will be a party propped up by only the most underprivileged of Americans.

The left’s continual slicing up of demographics into smaller and smaller categories will be their biggest failure if it isn’t stopped now.

Placing blame on groups so blithely is a pretty terrible way to bring together your supporters.

If you want to win a debate, you have to respect your audience. Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton crooked. Hillary Clinton implied Donald Trump supporters were deplorable.

Even after her defeat, she still hasn’t learned her lesson, stating that women who voted against her were under ‘tremendous pressure’ from their husband rather than their conscience.

To not learn from the past would be to practically hand the US presidency over to Trump again in 2020, whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. 


  1. Good observations. But I have a few myself or I wouldn’t be commenting. First, I believe if every person took good care of themselves, we would all be happier and get along with each other just fine. I’ve joined causes before and I confess that I was trying to escape taking care of my own life. I assume identity politics is attracting a lot of people for the same reason. It isn’t going to make them happy. Second, MLK’s movement occurred during the time of the Vietnam War and MLK separated his movement from war issues. I suspect that today MLK would stay out of issues other than the advancement of Blacks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think it’s attractive because it is an easy way of giving yourself purpose and responsibility that makes you feel a part of something much bigger than yourself. However, a certain amount of individuality is lost when you become consumed with the traits that allow you to belong to a group.


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